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Auburn Food has partnered with the Y Waste dedicated passionate food waste warriors to reduce the food waste at Auburn Central. 

Y Waste app is a social enterprise and with a focus on food retail. Y Waste’s purpose is to reduce both food insecurity and the negative environmental and economic impacts of food waste.

Auburn Central Stores on Y Waste 

Donut King 

Auburn Chicken 

No. 1 Snack Bar 

What is Y Waste? 

Y Waste was developed to reduce the amount of good food that gets thrown away at food outlets every day, simply because it hasn’t been sold. On the platform, food outlets can post and sell their end of day surplus food at a discounted price instead.

However being a socially engaged platform we want to help people experiencing food insecurity, which is why we have developed a unique and revolutionising, actually the only one in the world, digital food donation platform targeting both hunger and food waste at the same time.

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